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The canvas is your main working area for a watch face. All elements will be added to the canvas, and it can show you your watch face in different times (using the time machine) & modes. On the canvas you can drag your elements into position, resize, and rotate them.

Layer List

The layer list contains all layers for your watch. The elements are listed in order from top to bottom as a stack. You can think about it like a stack of paper - elements at the top will cover up the elements below. From here you can drag and drop element's orders, toggle visibility, and rename/duplicate/delete elements.

Time Machine

The Facer Time Machine allows you to see your watch face in action. You can use this to preview how your watch will change throughout the day. Use the slider to drag to specific times, or view your watch face animations by using the play & fast-forward buttons.

Advanced Panel

Every element has an 'advanced' panel, which is where you can add tags, expressions, formulas and more! The advanced section lets you get under the hood and build anything you can dream up in the Facer creator.

Shape Previews

Shape previews show your watch face as it will appear in various shapes and sizes of watches. In order to get the best exposure for your creations, make sure your watch looks great in both square and round formats, and preview how it will look on watches that have a 'chin' element at the bottom of the dial.