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Crisp Design

When designing in Photoshop/Illustrator or other programs, make sure you are always locking to pixels and on even numbers. Also make sure the minimum pixel stroke is 2px.


incorrect use


correct use

Good performance

Make sure all your layers are compressed into a single layer if they are part of the background. The less layers you have the quicker it will sync and smoother it will run.

Keep it on brand

When adding a description make sure you are selling the watch and not the features. We handle most of the features in the user interface so you should stay focused on why you made the watch and why the user will want to wear it. For example “This is a watchface any SCI-FI lover will like. Feel like you are in the driver’s seat of a spaceship”

Watch face check list

Naming Watchfaces

Make sure your watchface names are clear and concise. You want to describe your watchface creatively. Don’t add your username, features or any info other than a name for the watchface.

Good Example:

Time Keeper

Bad Example

Time Keeper with step counter by Wutronic


Your description should describe why the user would want to use it. This is all part of the brand, make sure if it’s a sports watchface that you tell people how much it will make them healthier, keep track of goals etc. What you shouldn’t do is list features or leave this blank. Things like features are shown below the description. Also, the longer the description, the more you get the features pushed down below the fold. So, please stick to 2-3 sentences. Keep it short and sweet.

Keep it original

There is nothing wrong with being inspired by other designs. However it is always good to keep your designs original. Just remaking classics might look ok, but eventually this will cheapen your brand and will be obvious the concepts aren’t original.